Evaluation Tools

Research & Instruments for Measuring Agricultural Literacy

Several instruments are being developed or are currently being used to measure agricultural literacy around the objectives of the AES Agricultural Literacy Multistate (W2006) Objectives.

Objective 1 - Assess agricultural knowledge of diverse segments of the population: a) What are the points of acquisition of agricultural knowledge? b) What decisions are made based upon assessed knowledge?

Objective 2 - Assess attitudes and perceptions and motivations concerning agriculture of diverse segments of the population. a) How are perceptions, attitudes and motivations developed? b) What decisions are made based upon assessed attitudes, perceptions and motivations?

Objective 3 - Evaluate agricultural literacy programs to measure the program impact. a) What is effective programming? b) What is the impact of effective programming, both short-term and longitudinal? c) What knowledge, attitudes, and motivations exist for individuals that participate in agricultural literacy initiatives (formal programs, informal programs, voluntary programs)?