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National Agricultural Literacy Outcomes

The National Agricultural Literacy Outcomes (NALOs) were developed using a modified Delphi technique. This method brought experts together three times, they responded independently to two questionnaires, and later collaborated online (2011-2013) to more accurately determine (based on research and their previous experience) what an agriculturally literate person should be able to understand and communicate about agriculture by a specified age (grade). The National Agricultural Literacy Outcomes (NALOs) were vetted by members of the National Agriculture in the Classroom Organization (NAITCO), teachers engaged with AITC, and interested stakeholders. The NALOs were organized into five themes have been correlated with grade level national education standards. The standards are linked on the National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix website.

Spielmaker, D. M. (2016, September). Developing agricultural literacy outcomes: A synthesis of research-based expectations. Poster presented at the Western Region Conference of the American Association for Agricultural Education, Tucson, AZ.

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