The National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix

The National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix



The National Center for Agricultural Literacy has developed and maintains the content in the National Agricultural Curriculum Matrix.

The National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix is an online collection of educational resources that are relevant, engaging, and designed to meet the educational requirements and agricultural literacy outcomes for formal educators. The Matrix was developed using curriculum mapping procedures. Users may "store" the lesson plans and related companion resources in a personal binder "MyBinder" to be retrieved later with updated content.

Visually, we are on a journey to agricultural literacy—the National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix is a curriculum map that contextualizes core education standards as waypoints in the context of agriculture to reach our agricultural literacy destination. Debra Spielmaker

As a Web 2.0 project, the Matrix is a collaborative effort where agriculture literacy professionals may submit resources for inclusion to the database. Submissions need to be unique, not to duplicating existing resources. Unique submissions are evaluated using rubrics (available on the submission page) to determine on how well they meet the National Agricultural Literacy Outcomes and associated educational standards.